The technology "Ecodyn" actually shows the most advanced equipment to measure retroreflected luminance in the area of high performing survey system.
The retroreflected luminance is the most important parameter to control the visibility and the quality of road markings.

This equipment works on pavement with a lot of difficulties.

There are two type of light in the test:

  • Natural ambient illumination
  • Artificial light source

The device can't leave out the natural ambient illumination during the test because there is a continuous measure. The division of the lights can be carried out only if the artificial illumination is a modulated type. The device consists of a removable measurement box installed on a lateral part of the vehicle, a centraline, a microcomputer and some monitoring elements, a distance sensor and a natural ambient illumination detector. The box collects all signals detected, the microcomputer synchronizes the acquisition and the measures with the distance signal.

The "Ecodyn" allows to obtain informations about coefficient of retroreflected luminance, the day contrast and the night contrast.


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